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David Noel's The Oort Cloud Book Review

About the Author

David Noel is a Cambridge educated Physical Scientist, known as inadvertently being, “grit in the cogs of the science and belief machines”.

He has recently published his fifth instalment, The Oort Cloud, of a line of thoroughly swaying science-based education books.

David is known to demonstrate talent with the pen; he has a firm grip on explaining science and understands how to approach readers in a friendly manner. 


Book Review

This book works as the perfect antidote to most outmoded common thinking. The Oort Cloud is a fierce, game-changing entry into the cosmos that is entertaining and engaging. There have been a number of fine cosmology books published recently and this one makes a stand as being eloquent in its use of SciComm. 

Complicated science has been broken down into an easy-to-understand, approachable medium. Beautiful illustrations and figures have been used and Noel has been efficient to make topics as relatable as possible to further spark interest. 

The title is a fitting choice, describing the vast region of space which surrounds our Solar System, with the book’s theme being suitably dedicated to exploring evidence from scientific endeavour on this subject. This takes us on a journey of enlightenment which began just over 200 years ago in our patch of cosmos.

It is evident that Noel has made the effort to not speculate over new discoveries. He has instead focused to provoke and refine established ideas in science. Some of these are on the origins of the universe, with the Big Bang Theory tied up with the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. Dark Matter is also notably mentioned, after all, it has baffled most people since the start of its proposal by Zwicky close to a hundred years ago. 

To get your own copy today press here, and press here to visit David Noel's main homepage.

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