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The Base-Science website contains articles on some of the basic topics underlying science.

Current Base Science articles:

BS802: GEMMA: The Spindle Vortex Model for Gravity, Energy, Matter, Magnetism, Antimatter. 
for our understanding of MATTER, GRAVITY,
ENERGY, Magnetism, and Antimatter. 

BS803: Crop Improvement using Chromosome Numbers:
All about getting BETTER PLANT CROPS
by making use of their CHROMOSOME properties.

Why 50 years of nuclear fusion research has been wasted
How researchers made a FUNDAMENTAL
ERROR in seeking cheap NUCLEAR

CM602: Can Neutrinos be treated as tiny single Photon Hoops?
A new look at the nature of NEUTRINOS,
mysterious tiny particles or quantum packets?

Refining the Zwicky Constant:
A new more soundly-based constant for inter-galactic
distances and the SIZE of the UNIVERSE, replacing
the HUBBLE Constant.

The Photon Hoop Model for light:
A new model to aid analysis and computation of light reflection and refraction phenomena, and towards a resolution of the dichotomy between wave models and particle models for light.

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