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The Cameos Website contains shorter AOI articles on specific topics. Some may provide support material or expansion material for other AOI websites.

Current list of Cameos:

"CM601: Amnisos, Port of Minoan Crete" shows how a modern sandy beach in Crete once housed a major port of the Minoan civilization, 4000 years ago.

"CM602: Can Neutrinos be treated as tiny single Photon Hoops?" is a new look at NEUTRINOS, tiny elementary entities which do not fit easily into the STANDARD MODEL of SUBATOMIC PARTICLES.

"CM603: How to Locate Planet Nine " explains a better way to search for PLANET NINE, a new large planet thought to exist BEYOND the SOLAR SYSTEM.

"CM605: Has Mankind altered Earth's Temperature? " gives a DECISIVE TEST for MAN-MADE global TEMPERATURE change -- The Reality Check for Greenhouse.

"CM609: Understanding why Betelgeuse has great but variable brightness" -- Solving the BETELGEUSE ENIGMA: The Capricious Behaviour of a RED SUPERGIANT.

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Last update 2021 May 6