Correct-Answer to Question #12:
Are human activities really causing Global Warming?

Q.   Are human activities really causing Global Warming?
A.   No. And it's easy to show they don't, and they can't.

Q.   Are you claiming that the Earth isn't warming up?
A.   No, it very probably is. But it's nothing to do with Man's activities (so-called "Anthropogenic Global Warming").

Q.   Even if this was true, what do you mean that Man **can't** cause warming?
A.   It's fundamental physics. The Earth is in a state of thermal equilibrium. If more heat than usual is added for any reason, more heat is radiated off to keep the equilibrium.

Q.   Where's the evidence?
A.   See "XT808 - Global Temperatures", at .

Q.   Are you saying that the "Greenhouse Effect" isn't real?
A.   Yes, it's a fake, but that's a rather different question. For more on that, go to Is the Greenhouse Effect real?.

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