Correct-Answer to Question #14:
What's inside Real Black Holes?

Q.  What's inside Real Black Holes?
A.  Enormously-condensed matter rotating at enormously high speeds.

Q.  How are black holes created?
A.  Smaller black holes are left behind when large stars come to the end of their lives, and blow off most of their outer parts.

Q.  And larger ones?
A.  Super-massive black holes accumulate at the centres of galaxies, as they suck in material from their galactic discs.

Q.  What's the nature of the matter in black holes?
A.  It's not known for sure, but the matter may be condensed-neutron stuff such as in neutron stars.

Q.  But aren't black holes much denser than neutron stars?
A.  Yes. But mass and energy are interchangeable at extreme conditions, and much of a black hole's mass may lie in its rotational energy.

Q.  Where is there more detail on this?

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