Correct-Answer to Question #16:
Did humans originate in Africa?

Q.  Did humans originate in Africa?
A.  No. All humans have genomes selected from a vast pool, and it's misleading to think of any one person's selection as coming from a specific area.

Q.  But don't genetic analyses of most modern humans show their genomes are mostly shared with those of modern Africans?
A.  Just the opposite. The majority of modern Africans fall in genome groups rather different to those of most modern Europeans, Asians, and native Americans.

Q.  So the "Out-Of-Africa" hypothesis is wrong?
A.  Pretty much. It's unrealistic to imagine that a migration of people out of Africa could lead to populations with quite different skin colours, hair types, and gene sets to the majority of Africans.

Q.  Where can I find more detail on this?

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