Correct-Answer to Question #18:
What makes humans different from higher apes?

Q.  What makes humans different from higher apes?
A.  Basically, their chromosome numbers.

Q.  Humans have different chromosome numbers to apes?
A.  Yes. Humans have 23 chromosome pairs in each cell, higher apes all have 24 pairs.

Q.  But aren't there other physical differences?
A.  Yes. Humans have little body hair, many more sweat glands, more fat under the skin, and show whites of the eyes. But these are the result of natural selection acting on their living conditions.

Q.  If humans and higher apes shared common ancestors, back in the distant past, how could they have inherited different chromosome numbers?
A.  In the first humans, 2 of the ape chromosomes became combined into 1.

Q.  Where can I find more on this?

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