Correct-Answer to Question #31:
Was Homer's Trojan War fought in 1250 BC?

Q.  Was Homer's Trojan War fought in 1250 BC?
A.  No, it must have been at least 300 years earlier.

Q.  How can it be tied down in date?
A.   In "The Odyssey", the main character Odysseus pretended to be a grandson of King Minos of Crete, a real figure of his time.

Q.  So when was King Minos in power?
A.  The Minoan civilization was wiped out by the gigantic explosion of Santorini in 1500 BC, so it must have been before that.

Q.   And how was the Santorini event dated?
A.  It buried the town of Akrotiri under 20 metres of volcanic ash, including the base of an old olive tree carbon-dated to 1600 BC.

Q.  Where can more be found on this?

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