Correct-Answer to Question #32:
How were coal deposits formed?

Q.  How were coal deposits formed?
A.  From huge forests floating as rafts on the surface of shallow seas.

Q.  Does this apply to all sorts of coal?
A.  No, only the hard coals formed during the Carboniferous and Permian periods.

Q.  How can such an extreme explanation be justified?
A.  It is the only explanation which explains some distinctive features of coal deposits.

Q.  Such as?
A.  First, coal seams are interlaid by layers of certain sedimentary rocks (limestones and shales) which are formed in seas, distant from shores.

Q.  And second?
A.  Hard coals are almost all carbon, with only about 2% ash -- typical of the above-ground parts of trees. They do not contain matter derived from soils.

Q.  Where is there more detail on this?

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