Correct-Answer to Question #35:
What is the Oort Soup?

Q.   What is the Oort Soup?
A.   The Oort Soup is all the bodies and matter in the space between stars.

Q.   What form is it in?
A.   It's solid bodies of every size, up from dust through to planetesimals and planets, right up to giant rogue planets just below star size.

Q.   Is there much of it?
A.   Yes, the Oort Soup comprises about 90% of the mass of the Universe.

Q.   Why is very little known about it?
A.   The bodies involved are too cold to radiate visible light, and too distant from stars to be detected by reflected light.

Q.   How can Oort Soup be better researched?
A.   The bodies do emit normal thermal (black-body) radiation, but at far-infrared and microwave wavelengths. This has only recently been identified as the true source of CMBR.

Q.   Where can more be found on this?

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