Correct-Answer to Question #40:
Where are cosmic rays produced?

Q.   Where are cosmic rays produced?
A.   In neutron stars, black holes, and AGNs (active galactic nuclei).

Q.   What's an AGN?
A.   AGNs, also known as super-massive black holes, lie at the centres of every galaxy. They may have millions of times the mass of a star like the Sun.

Q.   How did these objects come into being?
A.   They are all massive, rapidly rotating objects produced in the last stages of evolution of stars and galaxies.

Q.   What are the components of cosmic rays?
A.   They contain extremely-high energy particles, especially protons travelling close to the speed of light. Some definitions also include extremely-high energy electromagnetic waves, at x-ray wavelengths and beyond.

Q.   How are the rays generated?
A.   The generating objects push out the rays in fine jets along their axes of rotation.

Q.   Where is there more detail on this?

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