Correct-Answer to Question #9:
Why hasn't nuclear-fusion energy come about?

Q.  Why hasn't nuclear-fusion energy come about?
A.  Because all the researchers made a basic error in their approach.

Q.  What basic error?
A.  They all assumed that they would have to put energy into a reaction to make fusion occur.

Q.  What does nuclear fusion mean, anyway?
A.  In this case, it means forcing hydrogen atoms together to make helium -- this releases energy.

Q.  Why is putting energy into a reaction not going to work?
A.  The fusion process is an exothermic reaction -- it produces energy. Exothermic reactions are suppressed by adding energy.

Q.  Nuclear fusion happens in the Sun -- isn't this because of high temperatures?
A.  No, in the Sun it happens because of high pressures.

Q.  Where can I find out more?

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