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David Noel
Ben Franklin Centre for Theoretical Research
PO Box 27, Subiaco, WA 6008, Australia.

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Back in 1992, David Noel's book "Matrix Thinking: How Society Works" was printed and published. It has been described as "a collection of articles all about the inside workings of human societies, social groups, individuals in society, and their analogues elsewhere in nature". At the time, a Book Two was envisaged, expanding on the earlier one.

In 2014, the first book was re-formulated as a suite of Web Articles [1]. You can click here to go these articles. Now, in 2016, under the heading "MTPlus", further articles are being produced, expanding and developing some of the contents of the original "Matrix Thinking". In some sense, "MTPlus" is the replacement for the original "Book Two", which never saw the light of day.

However, it is not a re-hash of the earlier ideas, instead it is a re-think of How Society Works with the benefit of what has been learnt since 1992. Of course, many back-references and links to MT will be included within the new articles, as they are built upon the foundation established there.

Following is the current list of MTPlus articles. Items listed in italics have not yet been released.

We view ECONOMICS as all to do with MONEY. This article shows how
money is just part of the INFOCAP which governs how societies
run, and puts numbers on the forces involved.
MT201: Matrix Economics -- How Infocap powers Society.

A new look at MIGRATION, whether for economic betterment
or seeking REFUGE from wars or dire conditions. A new mechanism
for HANDLING REFUGEES is explained, and a start made on putting
NUMBERS to the forces underlying migration.
MT202: Syston Osmosis -- Why People Migrate and Move.

MT203: Money and Currency

MT204: Inflation

MT205: Taxation and Margins

MT208: Matrix Government

MT210: The Madagascar Connection

MT211: The Hydrogen Dollar

References and Links

[1]. David Noel. Matrix Thinking: How Society Works .
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