This is the Work In Progress and Planned extension of the BCW website

This page contains planned and partly built pages associated with the BCW (Beyond Conventional Wisdom) website. Planned pages may have a short topic description, and when work on a topic is developed enough for it to be examined and commented on, an active link may be provided. Criticism is welcomed. Fully-developed pages will usually be transferred to the main BCW site.

Current list of topics planned or pages partly built:

An analysis of if, why, and how new ideas and theories gain acceptance.

Ocean Trenches

Inside the Earth

Planetary Electrostatics and Gravitation

Matrix Economics

Superseded or Alternative titles:

Why the Universe is NOT Expanding

The real origin of CMBR, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

Why Global Warming Will End in 2050

The Facts Behind Global Warming

The AES Paradigm (Allergies -- Eat Shit?) For Health

Is Improved Public Hygiene Ruining Your Health?

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Last update 2012 Apr 5