Correct-Answer to Question #34:
Is the Solar System orbiting the Galactic Centre?

Q.   Is the Solar System orbiting the Galactic Centre?
A.   Only vaguely -- its motion has stronger components than that of motion about the Galactic Centre.

Q.   What do you mean?
A.   Solar systems at our distance from the Galactic Centre orbit the centre at about 240 km/second. But individual solar-systems may have their own motions through the Oort Soup -- ours is speeding at about 600 km/s towards the constellation Crater.

Q.   What's the Oort Soup?
A.   It's all the smaller stuff between the stars -- see What is the Oort Soup?.

Q.   So stars in the Milky Way can be moving quite fast in directions nothing to do with their orbital motion?
A.   Yes. Star movements are much more chaotic than often assumed.

Q.   How do we know about our Sun's surge towards the constellation Crater?
A.   From what's called the CMBR Dipole -- patterns in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation received on Earth.

Q.   Where is there more detail on this?

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