Correct-Answer to Question #39:
What is the origin of Hot Spots and Thermal Plumes on the Earth's surface?

Q.   What are Hot Spots and Thermal Plumes?
A.   They are theoretical entities invented to try and explain how chains of volcanic islands form in the oceans.

Q.   What is this explanation based on?
A.   The theory says that plumes of hot molten rock rise up from special spots in the Earth's mantle, and as tectonic forces move the crust over them, the rock breaks through and forms volcanos.

Q.   And is there supporting evidence for this theory?
A.   No, it's complete crap.

Q.   So what causes the chains of volcanic islands?
A.   Parts of the Earth's surface, called domains, may move relative to one another. When adjacent domain edges are irregular, protruding parts generate enormous friction, able to melt the local rocks.

Q.   Where is this explained?

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