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Section 4. References and Links

Links to text sources and web tools are listed below. If you copy a web link into your browser and open the reference, you can then bookmark the page (save it as a favorite). Then you can easily open it later when you need to use the tool or facility.

1. Simplified Chinese characters. .

2. Pinyin. .

3. Chinese English Dictionary. .

4. "Mouse" Chinese Input Method. . (Note: this tool needs an "Applet" (helping application) called Java to work. The tool may ask for this during its first use.)

5. Adobe Reader (for downloading): .

6. Collins Chinese Dictionary. Harper-Collins, 2010.

7. Chinese English dictionary - Online. .

8. LINE Dict Chinese-English. .

9. Asian Language Software Inc. .

10. Chinese Character Flashcards. .

11. Mandarin. .

12. Google Translate. .

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