The MandarWeb Website for handling Chinese Characters
(Using Codels to Identify Chinese Characters)

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What this site is about
This website is intended to help those wishing to familiarize themselves with Chinese characters in order to be able to read and write Chinese text.

In particular, it includes a new method of identifying Chinese characters from their appearance. This is called the Codel System. The site makes available a number of files which can be downloaded to use the system off-line, on your own computer, without the need for an Internet connection. You are able to do this because you will use Adobe Reader, versions of which are available for pretty well all current computers.

The site isn't set up like a manual, which you need to go through carefully from start to end, with all the complications written in as you go. Instead, it's more like a plan to move a heavy cart from one village to another -- learn the essential points of the job, do the initial paperwork, then have a try at the actual work. All the complications and questions arising can then be looked for in later briefings, chosen only as needed.

Following are various branching-off points to get familiar with the task. Number 1 should be read, unless you already know about Chinese characters. Number 2 you will need to do if you want to use the system on your own computer, rather than always working online to the Web. Number 3 is a simple try-out to get a feel for how the system works. After that, you can choose branching-points to understand more detailed matters.

Sections and Branching Points.

1. Do this first, unless you already know about Chinese characters: About Chinese Characters.

2. Do this if you want to use the system on your own computer: Download files.

3. Then try out the system: Have a go.

4. References and links (numbers in square brackets, as [5]) are stored in a separate section: References and Links.

5. Identifying simpler characters by drawing them with a mouse: Hand-drawing character applications.

6. About tone and accent marks in normal Pinyin dictionaries and texts: Tone and accent marks.

7. Typing and inputting Chinese characters on a computer or phone: Typing Chinese characters.

8. More advanced use of the Codel system: More advanced searches.

9. About on-line dictionaries: Free on-line dictionaries.

10. The older "radical"-based method of identifying characters: The older radical system.

11. The MacKey software package: Software package for the serious user.

12. Free daily mini-lessons from Transparent Language etc: Mini-lessons via email.

13. Changes from the old Codel website: The old Codel site.

14. Character Viewer on iMac computers: Internal System files.

15. Chinese characters in place-names, companies, and people: Characters in Names.

16. Rounding-out the site: Rounding Out.

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