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a Pandora's Box of concepts for the 3rd Millenium

In Greek mythology, Pandora's Box was an attractive container, handed over by the god Zeus, which contained some good items (such as Hope) but also a mass of bad things which escaped when the box was opened.

The name is being used here as a caution that although many of the concepts and ideas presented may be attractive and offer possibilities for improving the human condition, they could also have negative aspects. Use with care!

Current list of items in Pandora's Box

The Vacuum Balloon, a New approach to Building 'Skyhooks' with a great range of Uses. [5383 M3 Devices]
Thoughts about Solar Towers, Promising new Energy Source from the Environment. [5573 M3 Energy]
Synthetic Tornados or Hurricanes, a New Energy Source from the Environment. [6274 M3 Energy]
A possible New class of Antibiotics from Fern roots. [7305 M3 Health]
A New Organic, Non-Chemical Method of Eliminating Mosquitos and Malaria using Copepods. [6421 M3 Health]
A Suggestion for a Solution to the Third World Debt problem. [8868 M3 Human Society]
A Method of Neutralizing Bank and ATM Robberies, Banknote Forgeries and the like. [6193 M3 Security]
A New More Practical Approach to a Space Elevator. [7566 M3 Space Travel]
Into Space Safely, Slowly, Cheaply: a New Route using Vacuum Balloons and Orbit Rings. [7507 M3 Space Travel]
Orbit Rings, a New Rung for the Ladder into Space [1552 M3 Space Travel]
Dynamics of Orbit Ring Orbits [4625 M3 Space Travel]
Space Webs, a potential framework for pumping material from the Earth to the Moon. [3638 M3 Space Travel]
The Expanding Earth -- Doubling its Radius over 200 million Years [4796 M3 The Earth]

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