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The COSMOLOGY PLUS website holds the new, mind-altering, integrated, and Ockhamized paradigm of the Universe and solar systems within it. This re-invented cosmology reveals the true nature of Dark Matter, Cosmic Background Radiation, Equatorial Forcing, and much more...

Current list of COSMOLOGY PLUS articles:

components must undergo continuous RECYCLING --
check out the 16-BILLION YEAR cycle needed
and how BLACK HOLES and Neutron stars figure.
UG101: Recycling the Universe -- Neutron Stars, Black Holes, and the Science of Stuff

P0: The overview article in a suite of four -- the Universe
is 90% made up of finely-distributed OORT SOUP, which is both the
DARK MATTER long sought by astronomers
and the source of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR).
P0: The Four Pillars of GAU: The Solar System and the Greater Averaged Universe

P1: A new model of how the SOLAR SYSTEM was formed
from the COSMIC SMOG,
with the DOH! explanation of the nature of DARK MATTER.
P1: The Cosmic Smog model for solar system formation, and the nature of 'Dark Matter'

P2: The actual origin of the MICROWAVE radiation
which permeates the Universe -- it comes
from the OORT CLOUD which surrounds our Solar System.
P2: The Oort Soup as the real origin of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

P3: Drilling down into CMBR data
yields a rich hoard of new
understandings on the nature of OORT CLOUD
BODIES by exploiting MID-IR astronomy.
P3: Living In The Universe: (What CMBR tells us about Dark Matter, and much more).

P4: More about the OORT SOUP, and how
during in its billion-year history.
P4: The Greater Averaged Universe (GAU) -- How the Solar System cannibalizes the Oort Cloud.

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