Welcome to the BCW2 (Beyond Conventional Wisdom -- Humans & Life) Website.

The BCW2 (Beyond Conventional Wisdom -- Humans & Life) Website is a source of information and reasoning which looks beyond and outside conventional or accepted views on various and varied topics. Of particular concern to those interested in human society and the life sciences.

Current list of BCW2 articles:

All about the inside workings of HUMAN SOCIETIES, social groups,
individuals in society, and their analogues
elsewhere in nature...
Matrix Thinking: How Society Works

The new (2016+) Second-Level articles,
the follow-ups to MATRIX THINKING
characterized as MTPlus, MATRIX THINKING PLUS...
MTPlus -- The Second Suite of Matrix Thinking articles

How modern HUMANS and their ancestors and relatives
are really related:
The Truth About Human Species

How your GUTS control your health,
your allergies, your immune system,
and much more..
Innerlandia -- The Unexplored Continent Within Your Body

The story of how the NEANDERTHALS
merged with other humans
and are present in today's human gene-pool.
How the Neanderthals became the Basques

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