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SC005: Project for parking at QEII Medical Centre
Providing Parking for the QEII Medical Centre
without using Centre LAND and gaining easy VISITOR and STAFF access.

SC006: UV Gates for Controlling Coronavirus Spread
How to KILL transmission of CORONAVIRUS and other airborne PATHOGENS by
irradiating VENTILATION and Airconditioning Ducts and FACEMASKS with narrow-spectrum UV light.

SC007: The Birdcage, A World Tourist Icon for Perth, Western Australia
Proposal for a dramatic TOURIST ICON for instant
identification of PERTH, Western Australia.

SC008: The Lismore Channel:
Proposal for alleviation of FLOOD problems
in LISMORE, New South Wales.

The C-Box Solution: Managing Traffic, Reducing Accidents, Solving Congestion, Making Roads Safer, Detecting Criminals --
A coordinated approach to roads today

The UN-Australia Transition County (UNATCO) plan for turning the refugee problem into an asset. A different approach to refugees and migrants -- How to solve an ethical problem and to turn it into an advantage.

The Zombal Scheme for democratizing research and development.

The Holdsman Scheme for stabilizing personal and national housing finance in Australia.

Comment: Social engineering projects have as their aim the intentional achievement of changes in human society

Most projects operate through the introduction of new or improved technology, application of the rules of how human societies work, or a combination of both.

The Web, and the world's literature and patent office files, are crammed with innumerable articles on new technology. Some of my own ideas are at my Pandora-M3 site (http://www.aoi.com.au/pandora).

Material on the rules of how human societies work is much scarcer. For my take on this, see my book Matrix Thinking (order as a paperback HERE, or read online at http://www.aoi.com.au/matrix/MT.htm).

As in any form of engineering, attention must be paid to every detail of a project to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. Because the rules of human behaviour are far more imperfectly known than are the rules of conventional engineering, social engineering is a very much more difficult matter.

In addition, looming very large is the matter of whether the stated objective of a social engineering project is judged as a good one for society. A project to build a large bridge may encounter unforeseen problems and have unforeseen consequences, but the objective of creating the bridge is seldom under scrutiny.

A project to change human society may also meet unforeseen problems and consequences, especially as the rules for its completion are still hazy. Such a project is also far more liable to controversy when its end purpose is considered.

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