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Welcome to the BCW (Beyond Conventional Wisdom) Website

(This page has been superseded by two new pages, BCW1 and BCW2. It is being left in place for the moment to pick up stray loose links.)

The BCW (Beyond Conventional Wisdom) Website is a source of information and reasoning which looks beyond and outside conventional or accepted views on various and varied topics. May be of interest to those of open mind who are interested in science, inventions, how the world works, and attitudes and responses to changes in ideas.

This site is monitored by Peter Parkin. Click HERE to go to Peter Parkin's Puffs, all about new and interesting items in science, technology, and social engineering.

Current list of BCW articles:

The Truth About Human Species

R.I.P. Expanding Universe (b. 1930, d. 2012)

Inside The Earth -- The Heartfire Model

Innerlandia -- The Unexplored Continent Within Your Body

How Seafloor Spreading affects the level of oceans and seas, and the Expansion Equilibration Model

The Rising Sealevel Myth --Proofs that ocean levels are falling, not rising (countering a new and expensive misconception about the Earth)

The Photon Hoop Model for light: A new model to aid analysis and computation of light reflection and refraction phenomena, and towards a resolution of the dichotomy between wave models and particle models for light

Temperatures of the Earth -- A globe in space

The Placid Universe Model

Will Greenzilla Destroy the Earth?

The HydroSolar package: The complete answer to concerns about energy shortages, oil crises, greenhouse gases, global warming, power station pollution, and environmental headaches?

The Vacuum Balloon

Fixed-Earth and Expanding-Earth Theories -- Time for a Paradigm Shift?

How the Neanderthals became the Basques

Work in progress and planned

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