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The BCW1 (Beyond Conventional Wisdom -- Earth And Universe) website is a source of information and reasoning which looks beyond and outside conventional or accepted views on various and varied topics, especially those concerned with the Earth, our Galaxy, astronomy, cosmology, and astrophysics. May also be of interest to those of open mind who are interested in science, inventions, how the world works, and attitudes and responses to changes in ideas.

Current list of BCW1 articles:

New answers to QUESTIONS on
two vital topics about the EARTH
about which people have been too TIMID to ask.
Two Keys To Understanding The Earth -- The Energy of Earthquakes, and the Cause of Expansion.

An integrated collection of answers to
QUESTIONS on the nature and origin
of the COSMOS, our GALAXY, planets, and stars.
The Ockhamized Universe -- The new explanation of the physical cosmos

The classic NUTEERIAT book on the Earth's history,
reworked as a suite of
Web articles for easy access.
NUTEERIAT: Nut Trees, the Expanding Earth, Rottnest Island, and All That...

A new model of how the SOLAR SYSTEM was formed
from the Cosmic Smog,
with a new concept on the nature of DARK MATTER.
The Cosmic Smog model for solar system formation, and the nature of 'Dark Matter'

A new and credible model of
what causes EARTHQUAKES
with an insight into the EXPANDING EARTH..
Finally, the True Origin of Earthquakes?

How you've been hoodwinked over the
years that the UNIVERSE is EXPANDING,
and the simple reason why the theory is WRONG.
R.I.P. Expanding Universe (b. 1930, d. 2012)

The icon-breaking new model of what
really goes on INSIDE the Earth,
with the new COMPACTED-NEUTRON Core theory...
Inside The Earth -- The Heartfire Model

The amazing story of SEAFLOOR SPREADING
and how it affects the levels of oceans,
with an introduction to EXPANSION EQUILIBRATION.
How Seafloor Spreading affects the level of oceans and seas, and the Expansion Equilibration Model

Why the RISING SEA-LEVEL story you've been
fed for decades is a MYTH,
and a huge waster of money and effort.
The Rising Sealevel Myth -- Proofs that ocean levels are falling, not rising (countering a new and expensive misconception about the Earth)

The TRUTH about man's influence on
and how little this matters...
Temperatures of the Earth -- A globe in space

The new cosmological model which supersedes
the Big Bang and Steady State theories, with new
ideas about the COSMIC MICROWAVE Background Radiation ...
The Placid Universe Model

How the stuff you've been told about
and why Climate Change is nothing to worry about...
Will Greenzilla Destroy the Earth?

The complete answer to concerns about ENERGY shortages,
oil crises, greenhouse gases, global warming,
power station POLLUTION, and environmental headaches?
The HydroSolar Package

The surprising fact that the
EARTH has greatly EXPANDED over
GEOLOGICAL TIME, and how this was discovered...
Fixed-Earth and Expanding-Earth Theories -- Time for a Paradigm Shift?

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